Astrology Mentorship

Learn astrology with me! For those who want to learn the art of astrology in a 1:1 setting, sign up for my mentorship program! Private mentoring offers you the chance to set the pace with your astrology knowledge, and select which areas you’d like to learn more about. From birth chart interpretation to love compatibility to electional astrology, you name your interest, and I will provide guidance with my decade-plus work in this field. Personalize your experience to match your exact skill level!

Class: Astrology Mentorshop

Level: Beginner to advanced

Overview: This is a learn as you go course, that lets you set the pace. I offer a package of six weeks of intense 1:1 study and mentorship, or the option to purchase study sessions on an on-needed basis.

Tuition: $540 for 6-weeks; or $120/week

Days and times: Determined on an individual basis

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